September 8, 2020


Let’s talk about Fika – because who doesn’t want an excuse to have a kanelbulle (cinnamon bun) for an afternoon snack? The word Fika is often translated to mean “a coffee or cake break”, and while this is correct in a sense, Fika is so, soooo much more.

One of the very first things we learned after moving to Sweden is that fika is a concept, a state of mind, an attitude and a key part of Swedish culture. Fika is a ritual, and is something that most Swedes consider to be an essential part of their day. It’s a time (sometimes before lunch but more commonly around 3 pm) to take a pause and socialize. It’s a chance to connect with friends and colleagues, to share a cup of coffee or tea, and something sweet to eat. 

There is no official mandate on what is to be eaten/served during fika, but there are many tasty treats (some healthier than others) widely available from the classic kardemumabullar (cardamom buns) to chokladbollar (chocolate balls) to dammsugare (literally translated to vacuum cleaner!).

The city of Malmö has so many wonderful patisseries and bakeries around every corner, making it one of the best cities in Sweden for a classic fika!

Keep scrolling to read about 6 of my favorite places to grab a treat and spend time with a friend!

1. St: Jakobs stenugnsbageri

Known for their assortment of tasty bread and pastries, St. Jakobs bageri is arguably the most popular (though well deserved) spot for fika in Malmö. Their classics like kanelbullar and kardemumabullar are amazing of course, but I’ve also loved trying their seasonal pastries like the blueberry bun and rhubarb cake!

2. Söderberg & Sara

Located in the cozy St. Knut neighbourhood, Söderberg & Sara is one of my top picks when meeting friends for fika. Though you could literally just close your eyes, point to something, and be super happy, I strongly recommend the croissants or wienerbröd. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more satiating, the breakfast sandwiches are amazing as well! Grab a chair outside on a nice day and enjoy the comings and goings around this cute square!

3. Cafe No. 6

Also located in the cozy neighbourhood of St. Knut, Cafe No. 6 is one of my favourites to sip a tasty latte or cup of coffee. Grab a drink, a bite to eat, and relax in the cozy lounge chairs provided in the outdoor garden.

4. Slottsträdgårdens Kafé

Nestled behind Malmö castle, Slottsträdgårdens Kafé is the perfect place to enjoy a fika on a nice day. On hot days after a stroll around kungsparken, I love ordering their iced latte or homemade ice cream with sprinkles. After enjoying a treat, the castle gardens next to the cafe are the perfect place to wander. I love admiring the flowers and plants in these gardens as the seasons change, they definitely contribute to making this one of the most beautiful destinations for fika!  

5. Jord

While I was studying for my masters, I would often bury myself in one of the comfy sofas and enjoy a latte or chokladtårta while doing homework at Jord. Tropical plants hang from the ceiling and cover the shelves, making this one of Malmö’s loveliest places to enjoy for lunch or fika. Bonus points to this cafe as all items are vegan! 

6. Lilla Kafferosteriet

My final pick for best fika in Malmö is Lilla Kafferosteriet. Located right in the city centre, this cozy cafe can be found inside the cutest yellow house. Though this might not be common knowledge, one of the reasons I love this cafe is because of their chokladbollar (chocolate balls). Since moving to Sweden, MacKenzie and I have made it our mission to find the place with the best chokladbollar, and I think this is it! Chokladbollar are a super easy traditional fika treat, and every place has one that tastes slightly different. It has very basic ingredients (oats, chocolate, coffee, butter, etc.), but by tweeking a few things Lilla Kafferosteriet has managed to make the perfect one! 

What do you think about the concept of fika? Have you tried any of the places or treats that I mentioned? Let me know below!

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    I loved Fika! I think we’d be much happier in the states if we adopted this tradition😉

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    I also loved Fika!! I think you took us to the little yellow house. And you’re right, chocolate balls were all different:). I agree with Donna. I think we’d be happier if we slow down and enjoy each other a little each day. 😘

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      Fika is the best! Definitely going to continue the tradition 🙂

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    St: Jakobs is my favorite by far. Nick and I went 4 times during our first 6 days in Malmö – it is that good. And very nostalgic for us!

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