January 18, 2022


Last year, after being quarantined to our apartment for months on end, I was finally able to start travelling again. It started out slowly, with explorations around our new neighbourhood, before making my way to London for a few weekends. In the summer, I was able to visit my family in the US after almost 2 years, and in September, was lucky enough to join my boyfriend’s family on a trip to Italy! And while travel has seen easier days, I’ve been so grateful for each trip I’ve been able to take, even if it’s a bit different than normal. 

Travelling is one of the biggest reasons I love living abroad, and not being able to do much of it during the past few years has been tough. So with a hopeful heart and another year ahead of me, I’m excited to plan a few new adventures for 2022!

Curious to know the top 5 places I’m hoping to travel in 2022? Keep scrolling! 

1. The Scottish Highlands

Last year I wrote a post on the 5 places I want to travel in 2021, and funnily enough, the Scottish Highlands were the one place I didn’t end up going. SO this year I’m making it a goal again! Big skies, breathtaking mountain landscapes, mysterious lochs… what more could you want?! Plus, I REALLY want to see more adorable highland cows up close. 

2. Turkey

Between the rich history, bustling cities, stunning beaches, and delicious food, Turkey is a place I’ve been dreaming of for a while. I actually have a trip planned later in the year with my boyfriend’s family and a tour group. I’m excited to see what the experience is like, and will definitely be blogging about our time there!  

3. Greece

I mean, have you seen Mamma Mia?? Crystal clear waters, incredible historical sites, and all that Mediterranean food….Since it’s so close to where we’ll be in Turkey, Greece is definitely a place I’m adding to my list! 

4.  France

I’ve been Emily in Paris, but this Emily needs to see more of France! I studied French in high school and university, but my skills definitely started deteriorating once I started focusing on Swedish. My good friends are getting married in France this year, which presents the perfect opportunity to see more of the country! 

5. England

Last year I was lucky enough to spend time in London, Manchester, and the Peak District.  This year I want to focus more on the English countryside, with maybe a few coastal villages thrown in. My cousin Katie (you met her in this post!) lives in London, and is the perfect partner for these adventures!

Where are you hoping to travel this year?

Talk soon,

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    Scotland!!! England!!

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    Ooh you should definitely visit France! Not only Paris (even though I highly recommend it!), there are so many amazing cities and areas to visit there.
    Like you, I’d love to visit Greece this year! Another place I want to visit in 2022 is Croatia!

    Julia x
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