April 6, 2021


Though we’re very much still in the middle of a pandemic, and travel isn’t recommended yet, I’m feeling hopeful that as more vaccines go out and restrictions start to be lifted, it will be possible to safely travel again at some point this year. One of the main reasons we chose to move abroad was to travel, and it’s been tough not being able to really do so over the past year. But as things start to open up, I’m allowing myself to be hopeful and to start daydreaming of all the places I’ll go once I’m able to do so!* 

*Note that it’s important to follow government guidelines and recommendations when it comes to travel! 

Curious to know the top 5 places I’m hoping to travel in 2021? Keep scrolling! 

1. Glasgow

MacKenzie and I will most likely start out by travelling domestically; we’re still new to Scotland and there’s so much to explore! Though it’s less than an hour train ride from where we live in Edinburgh, Glasgow is a city I’ve yet to visit. Known as Scotland’s Culture Capital, I’ve been told Glasgow is a must-see spot for art, culture and cuisine. 🎨 

2. The Scottish Highlands

Lately, we’ve been spending a lot of time watching Outlander, and it’s definitely increased my interest in a road trip through the highlands. Big skies, breathtaking mountain landscapes, mysterious lochs… what more could you want?! Plus, I REALLY want to see these adorable highland cows up close (oh yeah, and Nessie).

3. London

I’ve been to London multiple times, but there’s something special about this city that I can never get enough of. The food, parks, museums, shows, shopping…I love it all! I honestly thought I would have been to London at least twice already this year, but lockdown had other plans for us. You can bet the second the border between England and Scotland opens for travel, I’ll be knocking on all my London friends’ doors!

4.  Amalfi Coast

Being cooped up inside over a cold dark winter has me dreaming of warmer climates, and a costal vacation is just what I’ve been looking for. Clear blue waters, delicious local cuisine, and stunning views… can I book my ticket yet?!

5. Washington State

I haven’t been home to visit family since Christmas 2019, so this year it’s a must!  I’m hoping to go in the summer and spend some time hiking, wandering Seattle, and of course spending lots of time with family and friends!

It can be a little scary these days getting hopes up for travel, but I’m really hoping I’ll get to see at least 2 of the places on my list this year (and fingers crossed for all 5! 🤞). But while I wait, I’ll keep perusing travel blogs, watching Outlander, and catching up with loved ones over FaceTime. 

Where are you hoping to travel this year?

Talk soon,

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4 thoughts on “5 PLACES I WANT TO TRAVEL IN 2021

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    Hope is always a good thing!!! And I hope you get to do all those things!! Especially coming home. By the way you can see highland cows in our school backyard- tick off 2 sites!!

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    Glad you are finally watching Outlander, lassie! Definitely visit Skye when you are exploring Scotland. We just booked a trip to Gotland in Sweden for my birthday. Excited to see that in July!

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      We finally are watching it! (Though I totally get why you said you need to watch something more uplifting after, it gets pretty dark!). Skye is definitely in our future, and I know you’ll love Gotland! xx

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