February 15, 2022


Another packing post! In my last one, I told you about the 5 items I always travel with. This week, I’m going in the opposite direction, and talking about the 5 items I usually leave at home. 

Curious to know 5 items I leave at home when travelling? Keep scrolling! 

1. Physical books

This might be a controversial one! You might know that I’m a bit of a bookworm, but this worm doesn’t like bringing her books on holiday. They take up precious space, and once I’m finished I feel like I’m just lugging it around for no reason. I still love reading on flights, trains, and before going to sleep, so I bring my iPad mini to do just that. I love a multitasker, and using an iPad or Kindle takes up less space, allows for multiple reading options, plus I can use it for watching Netflix or doing a little work instead of on a laptop. 

2. Full sized toiletries

I usually travel with just a carry-on, but every once in a while  I check a bag. However, even though I probably have room for it, full sized toiletries aren’t usually in there. These days, you can buy just about every hair, face, and body product in travel size. And if you can’t find mini versions of your fave products, there are hundreds of options when it comes to reusable toiletry bottles. And really, am I going to need an entire bottle of lotion for 2 weeks? If I’m staying somewhere for an extended amount of time, sometimes I’ll just buy the product once I get there. Last summer in Italy, I ran out of my sunscreen supply in about 2 days (I’m pale okay!), and decided to buy a normal sized bottle to bring around the rest of the trip. I shared with others, and left the rest at our Airbnb once it was time to head home. 

3. More shoes than necessary 

This is a tough one for me, but I usually try just to bring 2 pairs of shoes when I travel. I used to bring at least 3, just in case, but I found myself not needing the extra option, and just getting annoyed by the extra space shoes took up. So now my normal limit is 2. In the spring and summer this usually means sandals and tennis shoes/trainers. In the autumn and winter, it’s boots and tennis shoes/trainers. I like to wear the heaviest of the two on the plane, and pack the others. 

4.  Uncomfortable clothing

This might seems like an obvious one, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve packed a cute outfit only to regret it. When packing, really think about the activities you’ll be doing. Are you walking miles around a new city? Lounging at the beach? Pack clothes that you know will be comfy, so you can focus more on the travel, and less on your wedgie. 😬

5. Jewelry and valuables 

If I choose to wear jewelry on a trip, it’s usually just a necklace and earrings that I put on and keep on for the duration of the time I’m away. I tend to leave all my other jewels and diamonds at home 😉 Not only are they more safe at home, but I find myself packing and unpacking quite a bit when travelling, and there’s a high chance I might leave an earring behind!



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    Great ideas! It also helps to wear your family member’s clothes when you’re tired of yours 🤗

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    This is a fun post idea! Like you I don’t bring jewellery or valuables on trips – only my engagement ring and one single pair of earrings I wear throughout the whole trip. I guess the only valuables I have are my phone and camera. I do bring one book, but maybe I should stop as most of the time I don’t really read much anyway due to lack of time.
    Loved reading this post! Have a great Sunday 🙂

    Julia x
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