February 1, 2022


Today I’m sharing 5 items that I always make sure to have when travelling. Since moving abroad in 2018, I’ve travelled quite a bit, and through trial and error, have found a few things that I make sure never to leave home without. So whether you’re packing for a month abroad or a weekend away, I hope these come in handy!

Curious to know the 5 items I never leave behind when I travel? Keep scrolling! 

1. The perfect carry-on bag

Unless I’m traveling back to the US for an extended period of time, I never ever check a bag. Airlines are unpredictable, and lugging multiple bags around can be a huge inconvenience. Plus it saves a ton of money! The key to traveling with one bag is being really intentional with what you choose to pack, and picking a bag with various functions. 

For multiple years, I’ve used the Osprey Fairview 70 backpack for all of my travels. Whether I’m taking a 3 week journey around Denmark, or  a quick weekend in Stockholm, this guy has served me well. This bag has plenty of room, can be carried by hand or on my back, and even has a smaller backpack that can be used for extra storage or as a day pack. When I travel, I’m usually visiting multiple cities at once. Having just one bag to carry as we train, bus, and walk has been a serious lifesaver.  

2. Packing cubes

Continuing on with the luggage theme, packing cubes are a must every single time I travel. I honestly don’t know how I packed without them! They’re the perfect way to organize and store items, especially when you have limited space. If you haven’t tried packing cubes by now, I guarantee they will transform the way you pack!

3. The right currency

These days, most places take major credit cards, but it’s always worth it to do a bit of research beforehand to see if cash is more common in the country you’re travelling to. If needed, I usually wait to get cash until once we arrive in the country. Additionally, I always use a credit card with no foreign transaction fees to avoid any unwanted charges. 

4.  Emergency pouch

Whenever I travel, I make sure to have a small pouch with emergency items in it that I can access on the plane/train, or pop into my purse when I’m heading out for the day. This pouch consists of items for every situation including: 

  • – earplugs
  • – lip balm
  • – mask
  • – hand sanitiser
  • – bandaids (I always seem to need these) 
  • – some type of energy bar or snack
  • – earphones with cord 
  • – painkillers/sleep aids
  • – hair band & clips

5. Reusable silicone bags

I like to bring one or two reusable silicone bags with me when I travel, because you never know when you’ll need an extra place to stash a snack, liquid, wet swimsuit, or other miscellaneous items on the go. My fave brand is Stasher – their bags are easy to wash and come in a variety of cute colours! 

BONUS: Luggage scale

As I said earlier, 99% of the time I travel with just one carry-on bag. The only exception is when I fly home to the US (usually around Christmas). Fitting gifts, my fave American snacks, and other random comfort items is too difficult to do in just a small bag, so I’m happy to check a larger one every once in a while. In order to avoid stress at the airport of checking a bag that’s too heavy (we’ve all been there!), using a portable luggage scale is a must. Being able to weigh your bag in the comfort of your home/hotel is sooo much less stressful than taking stuff out of your bag in the middle of the airport. 

What are your travel essentials? 

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    A luggage scale is definitely handy these days! Airlines are becoming more and more picky with luggage weight. Also packing cubes are a great idea that I haven’t tried before. Thank you for these little ideas that make travelling easier!

    Julia x
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    Thanks again
    Look forward to your next post !

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