September 23, 2020


On Saturday I celebrated my 27th birthday. It’s so crazy to me that I’ve entered my late twenties – how did this even happen? Though I don’t feel much older, I do feel a bit wiser (but don’t get me wrong – I’m still very much figuring it out), and reflecting on this year has been a comforting exercise in gratitude and acknowledgement that even though this past year turned out in no way like I expected, there were so many wins and highlights along the way that I can celebrate and be happy for.


So to celebrate entering my 27th year, I’ve compiled a list of 27 things that I have accomplished, experienced, and/or am grateful for. The process of reflecting on my life during the  past year and finding highlights, events, and patterns was simultaneously difficult, humbling, and gratifying. Originally I hadn’t thought that much had been accomplished because half of the year was spent inside during a pandemic. But as I started creating this list, I realized that simply wasn’t true. Though I wasn’t able to live and act as I normally would have, I was still able to find moments of grounding and gratitude. I was able to prioritize self care in a way that I haven’t before. I was able to focus on hobbies and work that I might normally push to the side. I was able to connect with others in new ways. And ultimately I’ve been able to spend the last year getting to know myself a bit more. So without further adieu, keep scrolling if you want to learn more about the 27 things I’ve learned in 27 years.


1. Started a blog

2. Completed a Master’s degree in Human Resources & Change Management

3. Made an effort to let go of relationships that were no longer serving me

4. Started volunteering at my local zero-waste shop

5. Explored new parts of Sweden

6. Made a commitment to journal 3 times a week

7. Traveled to London

8. Made the transition to eating meat again after 6 years

9. Focused on exploring my personal boundaries in terms of what I expect of myself and can give to others

10. Embraced saying “no” when it felt right

11. Made it to the final stages of interviews with one of my dream companies

12. Made reading in my spare time a priority

13. Began meditating regularly

14. Traveled throughout Denmark

15. Made my first tv appearance

16. Started and completed a thesis project researching IKEA’s engagement & branding efforts with my partner

17. Embraced a seemingly “slow” period of my life to focus on being present

18. Challenged myself to participate in networking and social situations in which I felt uncomfortable

19. Spent quite a bit of time teaching students at the international school

20. Found new ways to reduce waste and shop sustainably

21. Successfully propagated many new plants

22. Traveled  to Chicago to see a musical created by my grandpa

23. Tested and tasted countless loaves of bread (sourdough & other)

24.Was able to attend graduations, baby showers, birthday parties, and gatherings virtually

25. Made an effort to significantly reduce screen time when possible

26. Hosted countless fikas

27. Continued to embrace the Swedish lifestyle and the pursuit of lagom

26 was a year for growth, exploration and taking the time to slow down and sit with myself and my thoughts. While I may not have gotten to cross off all the goals I had for the year, I’m surprised and proud of all the things I was able to do – especially in these strange and unprecedented times. The goals I have for my 27th year are very similar to those from the last: continued self-exploration, embracing new opportunities, and giving myself grace throughout it all.

So here’s to another wonderful year – skål!

Talk soon,

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    Surprised by #8??!!

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    Started, completed, and ~ACED~ a thesis with IKEA. Oh yeah! Completing the Master’s program was definitely a highlight for me, even if we “walked the stage” over Zoom. Happy birthday!

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