November 16, 2021


While I’m sure you’ve heard of Scottish classics like whisky and haggis, Scotland has much to offer in terms of traditional foods (yes, at this point I would call Irn Bru traditional). So whether you’re planning a trip to beautiful Scotland, or just interested in Scottish culture, these 10 foods are a must try!

Curious to know 10 Scottish foods you need to try? Keep scrolling! 

1. Haggis

Ah haggis, the quintessential Scottish dish, and one that you’ve likely heard of! Immortalised by the great poet Robert Burns in his poem Address to Haggis, this delicacy is made from sheep’s liver, lungs, and heart, minced with spices like salt, oatmeal, suet and onion, all packed together inside a lining of the animal’s stomach. Sounds tasty, right? 

For those wanting to try this iconic dish, restaurants across Scotland make it quite easy. Whether you want to try it traditionally prepared with neeps & tatties (more on that in a sec!), in a pie, on a burger, topped on fries, or even in chocolate, many options abound!

My favourite way to enjoy haggis is in a pie, paired with mashed potatoes, and whisky sauce, sitting in a cozy pub with friends. 

Did you know? Haggis has been banned from the US since 1971. The USDA  prohibits the selling of sheep lungs for consumption – one of the key ingredients in haggis! 

2. Neeps and Tatties 

Although typically served with haggis, neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes) are featured in many Scottish dishes. Neeps and tatties are make from root vegetables that have been boiled and mashed, creating two delicious sides. When served alongside haggis, the meal in its entirety is called a “Burns supper”. 

3. Scotch Pie

Commonly made with minced lamb or beef, Scottish pies, or scotch pies, are the perfect snack or addition to a full meal. Scotch pies can be enjoyed hot or cold, and are easily found at supermarkets and bakeries. 

Did you know? Every year, butchers and bakers from across the country compete for the prestigious title of World Scotch Pie Champion.

4.  Full Scottish Breakfast

A full Scottish breakfast is similar to a full English breakfast, except it comes with black pudding, lorne sausage, tattie scones, and often haggis. Paired with a strong cup of tea or coffee, of course.

5. Fish Supper 

There is nothing quite like going to a Scottish chippy for a fish supper; piping hot chips with the best white fish the North Sea has to offer. A classic choice, whether you’re on your way back from the pub, heading to the beach, or simply can’t bothered to cook.  While fish and chips can be enjoyed many different ways (toppings are very regional), make sure to ask for ‘salt n brown sauce’ in Edinburgh!

6. Bacon Butty

There humble bacon butty is definitely nothing special, but this simple sandwich is a Scottish classic. A rasher of bacon placed inside a white roll with butter and topped with a generous amount of ketchup or brown sauce. That’s it. But give it a taste, and you’ll discover what all the hype is about.

7. Scottish Tablet 

An old classic, this treat is a favourite among Scots, and is similar to fudge but with a delicious crumbly texture. Verrrrrry sweet in my opinion, but worth a taste! 

8. Shortbread

This buttery treat is another Scottish favourite, and comes in all shapes and sizes. Back in the day, shortbread was very expensive and was only enjoyed on special occasions. These days, this three ingredient  (butter, sugar, flour) biscuit remains a staple at Christmas and Hogmanay. 

Did you know? The popularity of shortbread has been attributed to Mary, Queen of Scots, who in the mid-16th century was said to be very fond of Petticoat Tails, a thin, crisp, buttery shortbread originally flavoured with caraway seeds.

9. Irn Bru

This bubbly, neon-orange liquid is a beloved drink among Scots, and definitely something that must be tried by anyone visiting. Sometimes described as tasting of bubblegum, this fizzy drink is enjoyed with everything; from curry to cake to fish & chips. Available literally anyplace drinks are sold.

Did you know? While Coca-Cola is the number one selling drink in nearly all the world, it’s remained second to Irn Bru, for the last 100 years. 

[image: Wall Street Journal]

10. Whisky 

Uisge beatha, or water of life,  is the Scottish Gaelic term for the country’s other beloved drink: whisky. With distilleries all over the country, and one of Scotland’s biggest exports, Scotch whisky is bountiful and enjoyed by many. Visiting Scotland and in the mood for a wee dram? Why not visit a distillery? 

Did you know? While countries like the United States spell it whiskey, the Scottish spelling whisky comes from derivations of the Gaelic term Uisge beatha.

Have you tried any of these Scottish foods? 

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